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Upgrade your security and still save time and money

Rising costs and time pressures make it necessary to automate and increase efficiency throughout the cash cycle. Along with the introduction of new services, such as recycling, come new requirements. Reason enough to add another desktop system to the BPS product line: the BPS C4.

The BPS C4 has a broad application spectrum, groundbreaking operation and the latest in sensor technology.

  • Broad application spectrum:
    The system is used around the world and is designed for a wide range of materials – be they paper or polymer, hot off the press, heavily soiled or damaged deposits. From banknotes to casino tickets, the BPS C4 can process everything.
  • High flexibility:
    The BPS C4 is modular and scalable and can therefore adapt perfectly to any processing requirements. It supports different processing modes, including the particularly efficient header card processing and rapid deposit processing variants. Operators can achieve even more flexibility by using the large delivery modules (LDM), which can process up to 500 banknotes. This is an advantage both when filling ATM cashboxes and when collecting unusual denominations and sorting them at the end of processing.
  • High throughput, low processing costs:
    Only one operator and one pass are required for the different sorting procedures. Up to 20 delivery compartments with variable configurations allow a maximum number of processing jobs to be run in parallel at speeds of up to 12 banknotes per second, or 40,000 banknotes per hour. Banknotes can be fed into the singler continuously without any problems.
  • Groundbreaking operation:
    Innovative, intelligent, intuitive – a novel operating concept with touch screen supports the user every step of the way, and in every situation.
  • Top-level security:
    G&D offers an industry-leading standard when it comes to counting and denomination identification, authentication, and fitness inspection by providing two-sided, full-surface banknote scanning. A separate fail-safe compartment guarantees simple jam recovery with correct accounting.

State-of-the-art sensor system
All basic functions, such as denomination identification and authentication, are covered by a sensor block. Depending on requirements, additional sensors can be added, e.g. a dirt/stain sensor for quality sorting or a US dollar sensor for extremely secure identification of US banknotes.

Pioneering design
Hassle- and fatigue-free working thanks to the compact layout of singlers, reject and sorting compartments. With the addition of a height-adjustable table, users can adjust the processing height to suit them.

Perfect integration in cash management systems
The BPS C4 integrates easily into existing management systems via an LAN interface, e.g. cash management systems like the Compass VMS and the BPS Connect from G&D. This provides an additional boost to efficiency and transparency in the cash center.

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